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Monday, 27 February 2012

And Just as a Side Note...

Because I'm rather proud of these and the TES Twitter was encouraging us to post them... here's a display I made last year of my Year 1's CLJ work on the topic of Transport. They all did such fantastic work, so they get most of the praise - I just arranged it all ;) 
Our favourite classroom puppet, Marty McMouse even got in on this one...

And this is the Seaside role play area I set up. I was dead chuffed with this. So a virtual tour... this is the view looking into the area. Right up front we have my masterpiece (!) of a head-in-hole board, which also acts as a wall to block off the area. The children loved that part of it and were forever sticking their heads onto them! 

 Inside we have the beach corner, with a couple of sand boxes (of course!) full of buckets, spades and other beachy toys.

 On the opposite side, as it wouldn't have been a Victorian seaside without them, we have the Punch & Judy stand (P&J are movable puppets here!)

And lastly the Seaside Shop. A Spanish boy had just joined the class so the signs here are in both languages. They have a wallet full of blank postcards to write to each other, and plenty of shells and seaside themed items to enjoy! 

So there you have it. The display & role play corner that I made last year, both of which I am really proud of! 

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