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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Friday, again? Already?!

This week has absolutely dissolved before my eyes! Where did it go? I must say, I am lusting for the weekend when I can indulge in my favourite activity - sleep ^_^ I shall sleep long into the days! In fact, I might even go to sleep tomorrow and wake up Monday morning ready for the new week!

I'm actually looking forward to school tomorrow, so I must be onto a good thing there. They've asked me to stay on until Easter as a minimum, possibly up to June half term, so I must be doing something right! I'm still doing Thursdays at another school though. I've been there longer, doing the one day a week, but I miss my Year 1s! I feel like I'm missing out a bit by not being there on Thursdays, and then PPA on a Friday afternoon on top of that. I've got classroom withdrawals! I think I might have to drop Thursdays and have the whole week in one school, it would suit me better and the consistency is always good for the children too.

There aren't enough hours in the day though. 3:15 comes around, they all leave, I start marking & tidying and before you know it, it's 5pm. Always appears far too quickly. The current displays have been up a bit long so the classroom is in desperate need of a spruce up. I've managed to tackle one unit and a display board so we now have a functional Maths display area. Hopefully the next bit to be done will be the role play corner, which is going to be Africa-themed, since we've been working with Handa's Surprise and some poems by African authors. My roomie in America was from Botswana and she gave me some really lovely fabrics and a wall hanging which are going up in the area. Can't wait for it to be done!

Another friend from my time in America has a 3rd Grade class (what's that... Year 2?) and the week after next we're going to be writing to them, I'm so excited! Their Learning Logs (homework) to take home next week will be to find things which show our lives in England...whether it be a place, a food, an activity, etc and take photos/draw pictures/bring in things to add to our penpal package. Hopefully they will really enjoy it (I know I will!)

So that's all for tonight folks, I'm going to snuggle with my cats for a little while before a nice early bed time. Bliss! 

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