For My Own Entertainment

Monday, 29 August 2011


It's very early. Or rather, it's very late. I've been lying here for hours now, wanting desperately to fall asleep but not being able to thanks to restless legs. It's not fun. I just got up to shake them off a bit, and now my cat is curled up on my lap, dozing, purring, and just generally being god damn cute. I am doing none of those things. Partly because I don't have vocal chords to purr.

I've opened the curtains and the window (just a little... There's quite a few bugs on the outside of the window that I would prefer didn't "accidentally" find their way in here). There's a bit of light out (I'm looking forward to sunrise now that it's clear there will be no sleeping), and the frequency of cars on the main road is increasing. Sod going to work at this time of day. Some seagulls were screeching a few minutes ago, so the food waste disposal trucks have probably just left the yard to start picking up people's crap. Again, sod going to work at this time of day.

I thought I'd sleep well tonight. I was busy today, looking for jobs and teaching supply agencies to join (because it turns out, I do need some income to survive), dinner with the male parent & boy sibling (Chinese buffet. I ate far too much), and then a few hours of sorting out the many things that I have into boxes so that they can be easily stored in the hallway, ready to come back in when the furniture is rearranged. If I was alone I'd have just carried on hefting bookshelves & my bed around, but as it is, the noise of doing that would be a bit unfair on my sleeping brother in the next room. At least I'll be able to carry on earlier than if I'd slept. This is all such trivial nonsense, and I do apologise. To whom, I know not. It is highly unlikely that anyone would happen by my blog. If you are here, well done, and hello!

It's getting quite light now, and the 6:06 sunrise is only 10 minutes away.

My cat is so asleep he's stopped purring. WAKE UP WORLD! It's a new day!