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Monday, 27 February 2012

And Just as a Side Note...

Because I'm rather proud of these and the TES Twitter was encouraging us to post them... here's a display I made last year of my Year 1's CLJ work on the topic of Transport. They all did such fantastic work, so they get most of the praise - I just arranged it all ;) 
Our favourite classroom puppet, Marty McMouse even got in on this one...

And this is the Seaside role play area I set up. I was dead chuffed with this. So a virtual tour... this is the view looking into the area. Right up front we have my masterpiece (!) of a head-in-hole board, which also acts as a wall to block off the area. The children loved that part of it and were forever sticking their heads onto them! 

 Inside we have the beach corner, with a couple of sand boxes (of course!) full of buckets, spades and other beachy toys.

 On the opposite side, as it wouldn't have been a Victorian seaside without them, we have the Punch & Judy stand (P&J are movable puppets here!)

And lastly the Seaside Shop. A Spanish boy had just joined the class so the signs here are in both languages. They have a wallet full of blank postcards to write to each other, and plenty of shells and seaside themed items to enjoy! 

So there you have it. The display & role play corner that I made last year, both of which I am really proud of! 

The Second Week Begins!

Which means I've already been at the school for a week. I'm really enjoying it - the school is lovely, the staff are all really friendly and none of the kids are deranged. Always nice. The classroom is a good space, the only thing that bothers me about it is a lack of surfaces for displays. I've been gradually sorting different corners of the room to make the spaces work better for us, and it seems to be going well. Today I managed to clear a whole side and start a maths display, which just needs some examples of the children's work sticking up on it now. It's going to have space for them to find 3D shapes from around the room to sort - I love an interactive display. If you can't use it, what's the point!

Today I introduced a new behaviour management strategy to the class. They aren't bad, it's just the low level disruptions (like you'd have in any class), and the whinging & telling on each other. Gets a bit boring after a while. So now each table has a small pot with a slot in the lid. If the table are the first ready, or the tidiest, or working the hardest (anything I want to encourage, really), they get one of my pirate coins (from the party bag fillers section in Wilkinsons). You should see the way they hurry up when I pull out a coin ;) The table with the most coins at the end of the week gets bribery goodies a prize from my treat bag (soon to be treasure chest!). I've only had it for the day but it seemed to have made a difference to the way they were working together in their groups.

I think that's enough for today... it's 8:20pm, which means it's almost my bedtime! ;) Goodnight folks!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

4 Months? That's Got to be a Record!

Wow, 4 months seems like ages ago, but when you consider the year long gaps between some of my posts... I suppose it's not really all that bad!

So what's been happening since October? Well I started to do supply work, I had a birthday, Christmas came and went, 2012 appeared, I started to actually get some supply jobs, but in the meantime have generally been poor and asleep.

So most significantly, I've been doing the responsible adult thing of looking for a proper job. Unfortunately, this led to much rejection and heartbreak (well not so much heartbreak, more annoyance really), so for the meantime it looks like supply is here to stay. It's not been too bad, the classes I've had have been good, only 1 real incident (involving scissors and a wee bit of blood) so far! I've heard some horror stories, and it seems my luck has been in. It's quite nice to go into a school, teach for the day, mark a bit of work, then go home and chill out. Sometimes I even leave the house of an evening! Real teaching involves all that out of hours stuff... a crap ton of marking... assessment... planning... resource making... paperwork... and the left over time is for something called a social life? That bit's probably an urban legend though. No such thing as left over time.

Supply makes me anxious & nauseated. I'm woken a couple of times a week at 7am by a phone call from the agency (they request you be up and dressed and ready to go already at this time, but having previously gone over 2 months with only 2 days in school, I was not forgoing any more sleep than was entirely necessary. Besides, I can be up and out the door in 25 minutes). You know that feeling, when you are so peaceful and asleep, then the harsh noise of your alarm wakes you and your heart beats fast and makes you feel a bit sick? Yeah, that's the kind of anxious feeling a 7am phone call gives me. It's an uncomfortable start to the day, that only gets worse as I consider all that I don't know about the day - where I'm going (what if there's traffic! What if I'm late!), what the school will be like, what the class will be like, whether they will respond to me positively, whether or not they'll do the work set, whether or not there will be any work set! And if there is, will I know what I'm doing? If there's not...what the hell will I do? So many questions, so many worries. My stomach isn't strong enough after all that worrying for any breakfast. I'm definitely a person who needs consistency. I need to know what I'm doing tomorrow, or I get in a right state.

Which is why I was so happy (read: overly excited) to be offered a long term supply job in a Year 1 class. Starting Monday, it will be for an indeterminate period of time. Sadly, the teacher I'll be covering is taking time off to be with a loved one who hasn't been given long to live, so I'm hoping that I'll be in the post for a long while, if only because it means that they'll have that much longer together. So sad :(

I start on Monday, which happily is an INSET day. I get some time to meet the staff, have a chat about the plans and get familiar with the school and (most importantly) my new home, the Year 1 classroom. I can't wait to see it. I'm praying so hard that it has a SMART board... I can't get enough of them. The program that you get with it, SMART Notebook, is fantastic. So easy to use, so easy to customise. I can find use for it in any subject... bloody love it. The kids do too, which is always a good thing! Being able to come up and interact with it just really helps secure some topics. Plus, it's fun. Which child doesn't want to move something around or write on the big screen?! So fingers crossed for a good next few months, and actually getting to know the names of staff and children for a change!

Also, I've recently discovered Pinterest thanks to a couple of teacher friends in the States. So many teachers use it and have some absolutely genius ideas! I've spent far too much time browsing it recently. Hopefully I'll get a chance to use some of the ideas soon. I'm over at if you want to have a nose at the classroomy stuff I've been pinning.

Until next time!

(Apologies for the dense, pictureless post, folks!)