For My Own Entertainment

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I Don't Know How They Do It...

How does everyone else remember to blog frequently? It's been over a year since I've even thought about it. It doesn't even enter my mind, I'm clearly not cut out to be a proper blogger. Ah well.

Anyway, lots has been happening this year. I had a Year 3 class at work, we had lots of fun and I had a mostly good year (let the bad go.... just let it flow over you...)! I really have a thing for classroom displays. I'll (maybe) post pictures of the displays we had this year, I'm very proud.

And then I moved out, properly, finally. I am officially no longer a London resident (huzzah!) but am still close enough that it's not much trouble to go anywhere. It's a really lovely bungalow, part of an old converted stables. It's a 2 bed, and I'm all on my own, so what to do with the extra?  Craft room of course! I'm just awaiting delivery of my sofa and then I'll be pretty much done. This is it:

It's from the 'Peggy' set at Homebase. Matching armchair and footstool are coming too, obviously. I taped out the area on the floor to check spacing, and it looked like a furniture murder scene. But it does all fit, so hurrah! I'm looking forward to its arrival very much. As useful as a camping chair is, there's only so long you can spend on one before you need the comfort of a chair cushion.

Also in my life at the moment is the imminent start of the new school year. I've been dumped put into Year 1 this year. I was not keen on the idea, still not fully sold, but going in with Superheroes and have been enjoying the displays so far, so we'll see how that develops.

So, new year resolutions (I get 2, real year and school year)... blog more often? Don't I say that every year? You never know. One year I might post more than twice. The other is to stay on top of my marking. But that's even less likely to be stuck to. Ha!

In the near future (maybe), you may (may not) see teaching related posts, craft stuff and food. That's about my life right now. But blogging is not (yet), so forgive me if my next post is a standard 'this year...' in 2014 :)