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Monday, 27 February 2012

The Second Week Begins!

Which means I've already been at the school for a week. I'm really enjoying it - the school is lovely, the staff are all really friendly and none of the kids are deranged. Always nice. The classroom is a good space, the only thing that bothers me about it is a lack of surfaces for displays. I've been gradually sorting different corners of the room to make the spaces work better for us, and it seems to be going well. Today I managed to clear a whole side and start a maths display, which just needs some examples of the children's work sticking up on it now. It's going to have space for them to find 3D shapes from around the room to sort - I love an interactive display. If you can't use it, what's the point!

Today I introduced a new behaviour management strategy to the class. They aren't bad, it's just the low level disruptions (like you'd have in any class), and the whinging & telling on each other. Gets a bit boring after a while. So now each table has a small pot with a slot in the lid. If the table are the first ready, or the tidiest, or working the hardest (anything I want to encourage, really), they get one of my pirate coins (from the party bag fillers section in Wilkinsons). You should see the way they hurry up when I pull out a coin ;) The table with the most coins at the end of the week gets bribery goodies a prize from my treat bag (soon to be treasure chest!). I've only had it for the day but it seemed to have made a difference to the way they were working together in their groups.

I think that's enough for today... it's 8:20pm, which means it's almost my bedtime! ;) Goodnight folks!

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