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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


So, last blog post? Weeks 2 & 3. Been here? 14 weeks. So um...let's say I'm not great with keeping this up to date. And it rhymes so it must be true.

The past 11 weeks have been good. I'm so settled here, I'm actually a little sad to be going home. Of course it will be great to see everyone again, but back to London? Not my idea of fun. Back to the realms of needing a job? Not appealing. Although saying that, I've got some fun stuff planned for the Summer.... BBQs, beach parties, slip/sliding, Folkestone, driving around in the sun.....ah, summer. That's if I get back. Thanks, Icelandic volcano.

Although the eruption did provide me with a good laugh with a Facebook group called 'Volcanoes in Iceland? What's next, earthquakes in Tesco?'. Lovely stuff. (Only works if you're British/been in a few British supermarkets though).

In case you cared, since the last post I spent a week in New York with my mum (she flew over for a little holiday & to see me), drove up to Canada with some folks & spent the weekend in Toronto/Niagara Falls, and had a day trip to Washington, DC. Enjoyed the latter places very much, New York not so much. It's basically just London, but way bigger, and I've spent more time than I ever cared to in London. But I can say that I've been now, and don't really need to go again any time soon.

Plans for the next few weeks - spending the weekend in Pittsburgh with the girl who rescued me and took me in like a stray from the airport at the end of Spring Break (hmm....maybe that needed a post to itself), and then it's the last week of the semester so I'll be getting rather wasted, alongside finals. And then everyone is buggering off to their home countries (volcano permitting), and I'm here alone for another 2 and a half weeks. I've sort of got places to stay here, but I wanna visit some stuff! Going to Indiana state for a few days to visit some people, and that's about it, plans wise. Suppose I should start looking for things to do soonish.

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