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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Some more America! (Weeks 2 & 3)

Yup...still here. And once again I have to apologise for my extraordinary ineptness at updating a blog. So this one is a follow up to the first America post, and as it helps with continuity I expect the best way forward is to talk about weeks 2 & 3.

Week 2 - Didn't do too much, was my first week of lessons here at the Uni so I was taking it easy. Went to Wolfies some more, listened to Lady Gaga some more, ate in Eat & Park at 3am, and even visited some elementary schools. Obviously I had to take this picture:

And thus ends week 2. Mega exciting, huh?

Week 3 - Settling into classes now. It's still snowing! This week, I visited Goodwill and bought 5 tops for less than $20. Bargain. Visited some more restaurants (there are a fair few in town...), and the highlight of the week was a very pleasant evening at Katie's parents house. You don't understand just how good it is to have a freshly cooked dinner, and eat it in a small, quiet room, instead of a large dining area with food that's been sitting on hotplates for a questionable amount of time...

So, not a particularly eventful fortnight, but I'm still enjoying it!

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