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Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's been a cold week....

Ok, this is going to be a picture heavy post. (Click them for the full sized image)

I'll start with Chinese New Year - went into central London with a couple of friends, their baby & my young cousin to see a bit of the celebrations. It was absolutely packed! We watched some of the singers/dancers in Trafalgar Square for a bit, which was good. Saw this incredible picture drawn on the floor in chalk by a homeless man. My drawing talents stretch about as far as stick men....

It snowed heavily all day on Monday, and apparently will do again this weekend. I don't think Winter is gone at all.
So, some pictures of the snow, which includes the 'Gigantic Balls' phenomenon:

And the first hint of Spring:

Also, I've been making. Well, customising actually. These are for my best friend's baby:

And here are some shoes I attacked for a friend in my infinite boredom:

Right well this is overly long now, and no one even reads it so it doesn't matter too much!

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