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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

First post of 2011...

Well that's not very good of me. I haven't posted in over a year, and even that was just an 8 word complaint that still holds true now.

So wagwan, 2011? I passed my final teaching placement, passed all of my courses, and am now an almost qualified teacher. Just waiting on the piece of paper that says so! I'm currently in the process of applying for jobs, which, to be fair, isn't going too well, considering there are less than 2 weeks of this term left and there aren't many jobs around now... gah.

Also this year, I took myself back to the US for a 2 week break and went on a girl's holiday to Spain which was fantastic. Lots of time spent in the pool, the sea and creeping in the shadows to avoid burns. Which worked, but meant that I came home looking like I'd spent the week in a cave.

So now that I've made a brief appearance back on my blog, which was clearly a tool for procrastinating because let's be honest - filling in job applications is in no way fun or exciting, it's time for me to depart once more. Maybe I'll remember to come back when I get a job. I might tell you about the joys of embarking in the teaching profession.

Or I might forget again, until next year.

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