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Monday, 15 September 2008

Busy busy!

It's been a bit full on recently, I'm constantly doing something! Spent a weekend down at my cousins new place in Wiltshire, during which we took the dog for a walk down the road and bumped into a lot of tourists and a pile of stones:

We went into Salisbury and saw the Cathedral, but just from the outside as we were poor, and they charge:

I've spent a lot of time with the kids (my cousins) recently, as they aren't back at school, which has been fun. Spent the day at a converted barn which is now a big indoor soft play and climbing area. Was nice and empty because everyone else is off learning elsewhere.

There have been birthday parties and days out galore, and it's not over yet! The littlun is 2 tomorrow, so we're having a little get together, then my uncle's birthday is Friday, so there will be another get together Thursday, and then.......dun dun dun!

Saturday! Moving to Uni! I can't wait. I'm so, so excited. I've been looking forward to it for an entire year now, and I'm 10 times more excited than when I was about to start at Queen Mary. Which was rubbish by the way, hence the new start.
Also on Saturday we're off to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the cinema. That's in the morning, and from there I'll be getting my stuff and moving on out. I'll literally be going from child to adult in the space of about an hour.

I'm so excited, I could eat a Crunchie right now!

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